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Thread: Terminator Roleplay Screenshots Thread

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    you are a good coder nathan,
    i am danger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicco View Post
    you are a good coder nathan,
    proper lingidy would be codist

    Get ye shite together nicco you fuckin ween

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    How you do for have so much beautiful graphism in gmod d: ? Its the server? D:

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    Callum always wanted a water bed
    1 year since trp server. I walk through the empty streets trying to think of something else, but my path always leads to trp. I stare at the server ip for hours trying to summon the server box lords. I try playing srp but fricken shit. I flame dave in his sf and try to resist the nazi admins, but it is all worthless. The end is near. I then usually read old logs and ic stories on the forums, and cry myself to sleep.
    rip trp 2009-2013

    "People hating on music preference and trying to denote what takes more skill is ridiculous. If anything it shows how stupid the vast majority of people are..."

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    It looks like he's trying to surf on it with an action pose and grotesquely failing.

    Gotta love it.

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    Waw! Its bad i was not here :c !! It looked fun c:

    BAD :c The DephHUD is no more updated,make me cry x_x so much beautiful,i'd like to know if admin will fix it for gmod 13 and put it in gmod 13 c: thank..

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    Where's the girl with the katana who bitched when I shot her instead of standing absolutely still across the room after she openly announced she was going to kill me.

    I miss her.
    "The metaphorical shit just hit the proverbial fan."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
    They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.

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