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Thread: Admin Roster

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    I resign aswell, I think that my time is done and that my interested in SRP overall has waned. Thank you for the good times, too.

    I wish the best for the administration team. Shotouts to Rankless, Helios, Nonsenze and Hoplite!

    i still love you hops


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    "Rampage" to SRP TA.

    Pool. Rampage. Hmph. Let the rampage begin. See what I did there? Rampage and rampage. It's funny. Admit it or you all die.

    [someone else will be added here when I confirm with sources].

    generalnonsenze: die zo. jesus.

    can someone add him to the roster - zo.
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    Iron's a TA to. I'm sure DK will add him to the roster again, because personally, I'm too lazy.

    yeah zo - dk
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    Zone, aka Xen.
    Dark_Knight to LOA.

    I may be on the server time to time, but at a less active rate.

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    The halcyon days have now long passed, but we've got to keep trucking along despite it. With several visible indications of the community's opinion on this matter, it's been decided that the Half-Life 2 roleplay server will be returning in the form presented by what was intended to be the send-off event. It will be continuing on in its current state, with an active and continuously developing storyline and setting. As most of the previous administration team have willingly separated or distanced themselves from this project, the present GM team will serve as the permanent administration for the server. However, that's not to say that they're being forcibly or unilaterally removed, as cooperation and assistance from them is and will be still very much appreciated.

    This post has been authorized by Adv, who is acting in lieu of Dave.

    To clarify, I don't know what halcyon means either.
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    Gangleider from HL2RP Gamemaster to Player


    zo: Zo also resigns but withholds ingame power to help out. Just won't be dealing with running stuff / messes
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    Myself to LOA.
    Laptop stopped working, full of viruses, don't know if it can be fixed or not.

    gang: don't download hacks off youtube u turd.

    Update: Laptop is fixed, but I'm not taking any chances. I'll be reformatting (Wiping it all) it at the weekend probably.
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    I'm going on LOA because of school deciding to slap my shit with assignments and midterms. I'll be back when the workload subsides (which could mean the end of the semester).

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    If you have any issues, or just want a chat, Forum PM Me and i'll get back to you... whenever.

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    Eli removed.

    Ever deal on a Saturday night with an issue of whether we should utilize “lines”, or “rows”, because “lines” clearly show a power struggle between half-hearted administrators while “rows” demonstrate a more equal state. But soft, because our reactionary states gives panic when lines change to rows. But yet wait again, because this is a case of massive abuse from our clearly angered lords for why we can’t do a row, because it is in fact just a line – but yet, the other sane individual “why is it so important.”

    As you can see, this is the world of HL2 TnB in the last week. Yes, the most wasted seconds of life pass by to arguments that deal with nothing. Yes, an issue so highly valued that it in fact comes out to nothing when the value of it all is figured in with the time wasted.

    This post isn’t made with the intent of ego however or for my own ranting, but rather to elaborate on a few situations going on right now. So many bits of confusion and mistakes, so many badly written stories, and so many ill-informed individuals. While I’m sure people on both sides of the fence have those who choose ignorance as a path to argument, I rather not the rest of the community. So I’ll start with quoting my earlier post that was removed:

    Gang in my view was removed unfairly. I stand by him, and I did so in the meeting so much so that the removal (and my anger with FooFighter) resulted in my resignation. That said, there was a fair argument and a fair compromise made. The argument was this in basic: "Gang was added an admin without consent from the team." All the GMs were chosen, however Gang was not chosen. He had power from before.

    In retrospect, Gang also did mess around a bit to much. The first day he went around and abused powers, leading me to yell at him after he crashed me. Beyond that he had no problems - in fact, he helped a lot. He and other admins did have a hate-hate relationship, so, well, you can see the problem.

    So the compromise was made that Gang would have powers but would not be a GM. I wanted him as an admin, but it should have been lived with.

    The event with Dante you refer to was this in basic: Gang was (justifiably) mad. He was on Ventrilo with people including Operator, Gurne, and a few other bad voices (their were some good ones to). Dante was in-game and angry (unjustifiably) and lead an attack on the resistance. It ended badly (shooting, the rest). After some drama, it turned out Gang had added Dante to the admin list. Dante was banned by Fuxx, but was unbanned simultaneously by Gang. He (Dante) then banned an admin, and well, the rest is history.

    Gang does keep box access (by Adv's choice) because he's done more then most have for TnB. At the same time, he agrees (and will be watched) to keep away from HL2/agree to not have admin ingame. Dante will remain banned indefinitely.

    Operator was not involved in anything and Foo's claim is pure hearsay. His involvement went as far as remarks on Ventrilo to Gang(private remarks).

    In all, the action taken is honestly mostly fair. I asked Gang "why" the moment I came back because while I could always argue for him as an admin, you can't argue action clearly written malicious action. You have to control yourself and not do something like that. I'm not a fan of how it was handled myself - Adv did an amazing job by himself as an acting SEA and all but everyone (members, GMs, and so on) spread random rumors/fake stories and made the thing a mess. There seems to be movement to take someone who (by all honestly) was banned fairly and make him a "crusading image." This really should stop, honestly.

    So with the Gang situation clarified, let me move on to another point. Many people have been recently stating that Operator, as an ex-RDA/box user was involved in recent attacks. Rather, Operator had no part in anything like that. All Operator did was sit on Ventrilo and make comments – private comments that he’s entitled to in his own regard. I disagree with him, but he can state what he wishes. He did not take part in an attack.

    Nor did any high-ranking admin partake in staged crashes.

    Nor did any high-ranking admin partake in any more abuse then the one stated above. This is a true statement and I wish the rumors would desist.

    This also brings me to the last question asked recently which is, were they actually an issues? However to consider this you need to define, “issues.” FooFighter and I contrived the idea to go on with HL2RP in an SF chat one night, and I was well aware of his desire to just leave. FooFighter in all regards is a great admin – in fact he’s likely one of the greatest admins, this is a fair concession. That said, he’s also extremely jumpy. He wanted access to the RDP and other sources of access including but not limited to forum admin and FTP. FooFighter was not an SCL and by definition no one is entitled to any power. Dave, in his LOA and… lack of assistance at the time, was unable to help thus Adv became an ‘acting SEA’ of sorts. In this I’ll thank Adv. I have my own… personal problems with many things, but it was very nice to have someone who could resolve these conflicts (albeit I wish I had even stayed in the loop). Adv choose a compromise, one beyond the fair answer.

    FooFighter was given forum admin and FTP. In this acquisition of powers, FooFighter claims many times “delay tactics” were being put in place. If delay means that people have a life, then yes. I don’t disagree it took a few extra days – and not to mention he accidently took his own powers at one point – but that is the way of life. FooFighter throughout this drama seemed to have a tendency to assume “all admins were against him,” or if some sort of conspiracy existed within the team. However within a few days, he had both FTP and forum admin. And well, the collapse is history beyond that – Gang had his incident and it was resolved. It was handled. Yet at this point, FooFighter seemed to go on with the bounds of ‘crazy’, extending what was one isolated mistake by a wronged individual (not justifying what he did) to a sudden list of wrongs from people who have done nothing of the kind.

    This only got worse later in a GM meeting where FooFighter desired to get his own box – some sort of spite for the actions Operator seemingly had committed. At that point, FooFighter seemingly had just lost conviction and was doomed to resign regardless.

    So what now? Nothing changed, really. One person resigned. One person does not make a team, albeit FooFighter choose to act like an SCL in the last days. FooFighter used to be a good friend (still is if we can get past stuff) and is a great admin. Nothing is to deny that, but he does not make HL2.

    Yet, drama goes beyond Foo. So far in the past days we’ve had so many issues, so many random issues everywhere. Some of these issues came from people who don’t even play anymore – Gurne, for example. And in all respect to these individuals, if you do not play, you do not voice.

    Issues have also came out with real issues, but again, I wonder why. Why are we going on with such unimportant and scattered issues? Dante made such chaos and yet by all regards but that mostly came from the abuse and functional fixedness of a role. Issues came from COTA – yet these are issues that chats and GMs and people working together can solve.

    I guess this is a bit of a personal statement in that regard, but I do wonder. There’s a certain user on HL2 I’ve seen daily – a user who despite all the wrongs, drama, abuse, and such barely posts here. The user goes by “SweetAndSour.” I use her as an example for one reason – that among us all who complain, sit on forums, are accustom to ranks and power, fight battles, want to kill the other side, and make issues from the smallest hill of dust, she does not. I get an SF every now and then about how, seemingly, there’s some “amazing role-play” – and in fact half this role-play has to do with her character being possibly PKed. Conspiracies and drama, yet all IC.

    I’m told we all waste our time in this community, but it has to be true if we can’t go on and role-play. Yes, issues persist – Firepower seemed to raise a few in his thread ( Yet these are issues that require short threads, a meeting, and quick resolve. These are issues that should not spark us to the bounds of nearly banning each other, nor issues that require complete and utter TnB-chaos, nor issues that require box abuse and fake rumors, nor issues that require anything but an efficient means of communication and resolve.

    I quoted a saying I heard from an old friend a while ago – that role-play is in fact based in role-play. That to role-play, you need to you know, role-play. Issues can be worked out as time goes on but if we can’t follow the example that say Sour sets, then you’re right, we shouldn’t go on with HL2. Hell, we shouldn’t go on with SRP, or TRP, or SST, or any other forms of role-play. Because role-play is everywhere within the server, it can be made by any story or any random dialogue, and if we can’t enjoy it and have fun in it, then why, why are we RPing?

    I dunno’, right?

    I’m going to turn it over to Adv who has the more official announcements at this point. I’m not much in the loop at this point, I just asked if I can post a final message from me concerning this. I’ve been dealing with it since day one, and really, it’s just stupid now. I’m going to come on tomorrow and get to role-play with Nifae and Sour, and enjoy that. You should do the same. Though not with Nifae, he’s mine. Wow, that sounded odd.

    e: note, Dante is as of currently banned. He may be unbanned during the meeting noted below. If so, this post should be updated.
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